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The President of Ghana, H. E. Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo has promised Ghanaians ‘a better economy’ through the strengthening of the private sector, leading to the setting up of factories in every district in Ghana to bring economic revival to Ghanaians.

In aligning with the President’s vision for Ghana, PEW Events will is organizing a trade and cultural tour of Finland for Ghanaian captains of industry, service providers and tourism practitioners.

Ghana has also started exporting oil in commercial quantities. There is therefore the need to present Ghana as an oil producing country with the view of bringing home investments. What better time; March, the month of Ghana’s 60th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Expected Ghanaian Sectors For The Trip

- Kente cloths and clothing
- Ghanaian sandals and shoes
- Ghanaian Jewellery (Gold, Diamond, Silver, Copper, Beads, etc)
- Agro and Fisheries Production
- Processed foods
- Agricultural produce; cocoa/shea nut products
- Agricultural produce; soya bean/cashew/cassava products
- General clothings in Ghanaian style (Smocks, Textiles and Garments)
- Wood carvings and other wooden artifacts
- Drums and other Ghanaian musical instruments
- Herbal products from Ghanaian companies
- Oil and Gas entrepreneurs
- Oil and Gas engineers and experts
- Green energy; biogas, solar
- Other innovative Ghanaian products by Ghanaian companies
- Shippers and freight forwarders

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