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This Trade and Cultural Forum is designed to give both Finnish and Ghanaian small and medium sized companies (SMEs) a realistic view on the various opportunities available in one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, Ghana.

There will be Business to Business meetings, Match-making opportunities, New Markets, Trade, Tourism and Services discussions with Finnish captains of industry.

There is the possibility to explore research collaboration, possibly doctoral exchange programmes: hydrology and clean tech research, mining technology - university visits can be organised both/or within Oulu and Helsinki University/Aalto University of Helsinki. Aalto University could also be of interest to the visitors interested in fashion etc as it is the leading national university for fine arts and design.

Key sectors that would be very fruitful for matching interests
- clean technology: recycling technology, bio- and solar energy production/waste management.
- Water resources management/hydrology solutions.
- Medical technology. Forestry.
- Automotive solutions for manufacturing.
- Construction industry - one very lucrative idea could be to launch Scandinavian light structure construction models (which can be erected in the matter of weeks, very high quality, ultra-modern Nordic design) in Ghana.
- Aquaculture can also be a possibility, as well as agriculture - the value chain of Finland agricultural processes is very mechanized which could be of interest to Ghanaians.

Major retail industry players could well be interested in talking to Ghanaian companies about importing their products to Finland.